South By SF

March 25, 2009

Gordon Answers Your SXSW 2009 Questions

Dead Sexy Inc bring the rock and roll to SXSW 2009

Dead Sexy Inc bring the rock and roll to SXSW 2009

I sat down to make a top 5 list of my favorite musical moments from South By Southwest 2009, but as I started putting it together, I thought I’d rather just give my comments in each of a few different categories. Read ahead to see:

  1. Which band had the best choreography?
  2. What was the most average performance that suggested a great album?
  3. What band is most likely to cause an indie music nerd pit to break out?
  4. Who was my biggest surprise of the festival?
  5. What band clearly got tired of playing shows and seeing me at them?
  6. What act caused my fanboy drool reflex to start?
  7. Which band needs the most practice to go from interesting to awesome?
  8. Who caused a crowd to go from standoffish to dancing madly?
  9. Which show that I tried to attend got visited by the fuzz?



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